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How to choose a personal trainer

What is kinesitherapy and what it treats?

The word meaning «kinesiotherapy» comes from greek: «kinesis» – movement, «therapy» – treatment, also means «treatment by movement». By movement cure a lot (manual therapy, every possible kinds of physiotherapy exercises, massage). Extreme rehabilitation introduces an entirely new line of impact on the human body - stress.


How to choose a personal trainer

Nowadays, you can have a personal trainer in any fitness- club. The personal instructor helps you in the gym, in the swimming pool, in the classes of pilates. Almost all famous people have got their personal trainers. Every year more and more people refuse group trainings and choose personal ones.

Why do you need a personal trainer?

Everything has to be well organized in sport and only after that the success will come. A personal trainer makes an individual program for every client. He chooses an optimum physical loading and also, defines a correct regime and a nourishment. A well balanced and correct nourishment- is one of the most important factors of success. If a person eats only bread and drinks water, it will begin an emaciation and it will cause a huge harm to all your body. The training won´t be effective and it will be much more difficult to train. Weakness and giddiness will appear. An instructor makes a detailed schedule for a particular client which depends on his spare time. It describes when a person needs to come for training, for how long he can´t eat before training and a special menu is recommended. A person has to understand, that individual trainings is more faster and reliable way to success.

Let´s study the most spread reasons that makes people to choose personal trainer.

  • A person hasn´t got time for searching, moral and energetic expenditure. He wants to hasten the progress in his trainings.
  • A person is shy and doesn´t feel comfortable in a group. He prefers communication with a trainer and his  “protection”.
  • Maybe, on the contrary, a person wants to be distinguish by a “personal training” and to attract people´s attention, to defend his social status.
  • It is oriented on a material value of the training. He used to get all the best and the most expensive.
  • A person needs an instructor´s help, because he´s never had any sport experience.
  • A person has got a negative experience in the trainings and hopes to make a progress thanks to “personal training”.
  • A person pretends to a professional level- wants to go in to competitions.
  • A bad health. A person has got lots of chronic diseases, contra-indications to a physical training, but he doesn´t want to except that and ready to train hard.

As a rule, meeting with an instructor begins from the conversation in the gym or in the sport bar. A client has to explain to his trainer what he wants to achieve and to tell if he has got any health problems. Every person comes to a fitness- club with some specific aim. If you can´t achieve it because of your health problems, trainer will find out what kind of problems a client has got: any traumas of support-motor organs, any problems with joints, any heart- vascular diseases. According to all this information and a medical advice, an instructor selects a special program for each person. Sometimes it can be a very easy program, but there are no many cases that instructors deny a client to personal training. As a rule, a competently chosen loading and special physical trainings are very useful.

If a person hasn´t got any health problems, a trainer will offer some suitable programs according the peculiarities of his body. It completely depends on the client´s wishes, as the most important is- to get a pleasure of trainings. After a detailed conversation with a client, the trainer will bring him to a gym and will choose the best variant of physical exercises, starting from the easiest ones.   

Five main principles of a personal trainer´s work:

  • A principle of investigation, collection and accumulation  of the materials about physical and mentally preparation of a client to a physical loadings;
  • A definition of a style of a communication and the way of presentation of a learning- training material on the easily understood level.
  • A principle of accessibility and succession of physical loadings. The aim is to form a common scientifically well-grounded training process “from simple to difficult”.
  • A principle of the independence. The aim is to teach a client a particular volume of knowledges of a sport culture and to form a sport taste.
  • A principle of the use of visual methods, that consists in the preparation of a personal trainer, the way he looks like, an informative preparation and his sport qualification.

Going in for fitness with a personal trainer, you can fully concentrate on your exercises. Thanks to a comfortable atmosphere and a nice conversation during your trainings, you can spend your time useful for the health and the soul.

Personal trainings- are correct and necessary enclosures into your health and beauty into your body.

It is interesting

Muscles (from lat.- little mouse)- are organs of the animal and human body. It consists of elastic, resilient muscular tissue, able to contract under the influence of nervous impulses. They destine of fulfillment of different actions: movements of the body, contractions of the vocal chords, breathing. 86,3% of muscles consist of water.

There are 640 muscles in a human body. The smallest ones are fastened to the finest bones, disposed in the ear. The strongest muscles are the masticatory ones.


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