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10 reason to go in for fitness

What is kinesitherapy and what it treats?

The word meaning «kinesiotherapy» comes from greek: «kinesis» – movement, «therapy» – treatment, also means «treatment by movement». By movement cure a lot (manual therapy, every possible kinds of physiotherapy exercises, massage). Extreme rehabilitation introduces an entirely new line of impact on the human body - stress.


10 reason to go in for fitness

Every girl, it doesn´t depend on the age, wants to look good. And what does it mean? Lots of make up, nice clothes? Perhaps, yes, but this is just a part of necessary conditions. You need something more. For example, health, energy, flexibility, emotional steadiness.

If not to go in for it, the nature will tell. For example, your figure deteriorates after birth; the energy falls with time, you are not full of strength anymore, you have got problems to control emotions. As a result, overweight appears. It is a common problem for all the women. I think, you don´t have to wait for all that "happiness", just start to put health into yourselves right now.

1. Fitness helps to fight with overweight.

Regular fitness classes deliver from superfluous kilos. To serve strong muscles, the body needs much more energy - as a result, a training person eats more and does not put on weight.

2. Fitness makes you figure ideal.

Women that go in for fitness, as a rule, are the possessors if not an ideal, than a very good figure. An individual program of trainings allows to correct your figure and to eliminate of defects. For example, a woman with a "pear-shaped" figure needs a program with aerobic loading on the shoulders, arms, back and chest muscles. It helps to improve the body, makes it closer to an ideal  "sand-glass" type. An individual fitness instructor values a woman figure objectively and works out an individual program of trainings.

3. Fitness supports and stimulates work of your heart.

If your family has got heart- vascular diseases, so, with help of fitness classes, you strengthen your heart muscle and as a result, it increases the duration of your life for some more years. The physical training classes increase a respiratory and a heart rhythm that adds more health to your heart. It is important to remember, that your heart is also a muscle and it is necessary to be trained.

4. Fitness is very useful during the pregnancy.

There are lots of positive moments to go in for fitness during pregnancy. For example, to control weight, a lowering of origin of high arterial pressure, a control Of a level of sugar in your blood and a lowering of a risk of appearance diabetes, a saving of your strength in the muscles and as a result, you will feel better. Some scientific investigations show that going in for sport during pregnancy shortens the time of contractions, lowers a risk of a Caesarean and shortens a period of post-natal rehabilitation.  

5. Fitness helps to avoid stress and depression.

You get rid of stress during of your trainings in the gym. The very first trainings make you forget about everything in this world- a superior, noisy neighbours, a leaking tap etc… If you became irritable on trifles, you should visit gyms more often.  

6. Fitness gets rid of complexes.

Women that visit gyms systematically, stop being ashamed of their imperfect body, because they start understanding, that women with perfect body almost don´t exist.

7. Fitness promotes an increase of libido.

Regular physical loadings influence on a general hormonal background, and in connection with this, a sexual attraction grows. It produces liveliness and flexibility, that makes
sex more qualitative.

8. Fitness helps to be in a good mood.

If you ran or rode the bike in the summer mornings you would understand what we are talking about. This is fantastic feeling of harmony and thanks to physical activity, you blood gets some chemical substances. By the way, this feeling is well preserved during all over the day.

9. Fitness increases a duration of the life.

According to scientific research, systematical fitness trainings increase a duration of the life. Hopefully, this fact will attract your attention.

10. Fitness – is new, nice acquaintances, new interests and hobbies.

Fitness unites progressive, modern people, that take care of their health and the outward appearance. Do you still look for more reasons not to go to gym? What if you would  better do something more interesting and expand your list of reasons why is it necessary to go in for fitness? Fitness – is a possibility to keep fit.

It is interesting

Muscles (from lat.- little mouse)- are organs of the animal and human body. It consists of elastic, resilient muscular tissue, able to contract under the influence of nervous impulses. They destine of fulfillment of different actions: movements of the body, contractions of the vocal chords, breathing. 86,3% of muscles consist of water.

There are 640 muscles in a human body. The smallest ones are fastened to the finest bones, disposed in the ear. The strongest muscles are the masticatory ones.


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